Tea Towels as Wedding Invitations

custom wedding invitation
Here’s to Matt and Jane

Worried about your upcoming wedding ceremony?

Looking for something unique for your guests?

Custom printed Tea Towel Invitations might be what you are looking for.

No doubt everyone has a strong sense of the importance for a wedding day to be gorgeous and a desire to leave a lasting memory with those who attended.

Regular printed invitations are quite expensive. It would be quite disturbing to realise that some of the invitations you have invested time, effort and money into are going to be thrown away immediately after the party is over.

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How To Print A Tea Towel – A Fun And Easy Way To Decorate Your Own Dish Towel

hand made tea towel
Hand print a tea towel

We will show you how to print your own personalised tea towel. The easy way or the hard but fun way.

What is a Tea Towel?

A tea towel is made from either cotton or linen to produce a soft cloth, with decorations being either woven or printed.

Tea towels are currently used in the kitchen for various purposes, like wrapping baked products, decorating a coffee table, keeping wet dishes clean and using them as hot pads, among other uses.

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Tea Towel Fundraising for Organisations

fundraising for organisations or companies
fundraising venture

Using a tea towel as a fundraising idea for a charity, club or organisation is a fun way of bringing in money to support the good work that charities and other not-for-profit groups do for the community.

The fundraiser works so well because all members of the organisation can contribute to the design.

Each member gets a piece of paper and a magic marker to draw with, and then submits the design to the co-ordinator of the fundraiser.

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How to Tea Towel Fundraiser for Schools

Cute preschool children painting with their palms at kindergarten being creative for their school tea towel fundraiser
school time fun money raiser

Putting together a Tea Towel Fundraiser for your school can be a fun and creative way to raise funds for the PC or for extra activities for the students.

This creative exercise allows students to express themselves by printing either a self-portrait, a hand-print, a sketch or a signature onto a tea-towel of their choice.

Alternately, if you want a simple design option, you could use your school logo, a sketch or a class list.

Parents usually go nuts for these items and buy them in bulk. The benefit of this type of item is the more you print the more profit the campaign will bring.

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Tea Towel Fundraising for Churches

Tea towel fund raising for church groups
church fundraiser

Tea-Towel printing for your church group is fairly straight forward as a fundraising technique. Coming up with a suitable print idea might not be as difficult as it seems.

We suggest forming a committee and brainstorming some ideas. The bible is full of beautiful quotes that can be adorned onto a tea towel.

Once printed, selling these items is pretty simple too. The church congregation, together with people visiting the church, represent an ideal target market.

They are ready to get involved and contribute towards raising money to support either the community or the church.

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Raise More Money with Tea Towel Mementos

fundraising mementos

A tea towel is a functional item that can be decorated with a design that makes it infinitely appealing to a large group of like minded people.

This means opportunity for the smart marketer looking to generate some cash for a good cause.

Functionality and appeal are the basic building blocks for a good fundraiser. And tea towels have them in spades.

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