Australian-made: Blended Hemp and Certified Organic Cotton Tea Towels

If you want to support local businesses this is the product for you. It’s ethically sourced and made from planet-friendly materials.

About Hemp Fibre

This tea towel is made from the industrial hemp plant. The stems are crushed to get access to the super strong and abundant fibres located within the plant.

The hemp fabric boasts a unique blend of breathability, softness, and surprising density.

The remarkable hollow core structure of hemp fibres contributes to the fabric’s year-round versatility.

Each wash enhances its softness, gradually reducing creases and developing an exquisite silky drape that only gets better over time.

Pure Hemp Blended with Certified Organic Cotton

Explore the multifaceted benefits and environmental advantages of pure hemp blended with certified organic cotton made into Australia’s locally produced tea towels.

These kitchen essentials are meticulously created using top-quality hemp fibres, delivering superior moisture absorption and long-lasting performance.

Ideal for bulk orders and custom printing, these tea towels serve as effective promotional tools or personalised gifts, enabling companies and consumers to display their unique branding or creative patterns while endorsing eco-conscious and Australian-made goods.

Product Benefits

  • Super absorbent properties
  • Streak & lint-free dishes after drying
  • Features a convenient hang tie
  • Iron-free fabric
  • handy multipurpose uses

Hemp is a natural and luxurious fabric and needs a bit of love to prolong its use.

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