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Using a tea towel as a fundraising idea for a charity, club or organisation is a fun way of bringing in money to support the good work that charities and other not-for-profit groups do for the community.

The fundraiser works so well because all members of the organisation can contribute to the design.

Each member gets a piece of paper and a magic marker to draw with, and then submits the design to the co-ordinator of the fundraiser.

The charity or organisation then supplies their personal images, designs or drawings to us via the order form. We put all the artwork pieces together (which is included in the price) ready for you to approve. When approved, we can begin printing tea towel order.

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Another idea would be for the charity or the organisation to provide their own groups favourite recipes or other mementos that are appropriate to use on a tea towel!

An important point is to remember that, very likely, the appeal of your tea towel will be limited to those that contribute, or are associated, with the organisation and its supporters.

Get Started With An Easter Fundraiser For Your Organisation

All price displayed upfront. No Hidden fees. Use the Step-by-step easy to follow Easter tea towel fund-raising order form

How to Organise an Easter Fundraiser For Your Charity?

Getting The Group Organised

Before starting your fund-raising campaign, you need to get organised and work out all details before you start ordering.

  • Which products do you want to promote
  • Make a sample of what it might look like
  • How many will contribute to the design?
  • The campaign dates?
  • When you need the individual designs by?
  • When you need to place the order with sufficient time
  • Costs and the fundraising margin, and minimum orders
  • Goals you want to achieve. Why are you fundraising?

Prepare all the marketing materials

To get started, prepare the promotional materials you will need. This could include the following:

  • Writing a sale letter for the group newsletter
  • Preparing posters and advertising materials for the fundraiser
  • Putting together samples and templates to help sell the offer
  • Writing persuasive letters to members of the group

Promoting the charity fundraiser

Tell everyone about the details and promote the fundraiser. But how?

  • Run notices in your newsletter. Maybe do a countdown over a number of weeks. Offer discounts for early or pre-purchases
  • Display the sample in a common area so everyone will have a chance to see the size and quality
  • Put up posters with the details of your fundraiser
  • Prepare and distribute organisational order letters

After the promotional period, you will need to decide whether to continue with the campaign or cancel it. You might decide to cancel if you did not get an acceptable minimum order numbers.

Let us assume that you did get enough orders and continue the article.

Prepare the Artwork

Organise the member who are going to contribute to the design. Get them to cut in half some blank A4 papers and turn them into A5 size paper ready for drawing their design.

Then, you can decide which type of artwork the class with be undertaking:

  1. Collect all the drawing, logos, designs, artworks and pictures

Once complete, use your phone or a digital camera and take photos of the groups artwork.

2-4 images at a time will be sufficient. Click the “Get Started with a Easterr Fundraiser” and follow the prompts.

You can upload the members artwork (in bulk) as a simple drag and drop function during the order process.

We take care of the design work. Or if you want a special design. Upload your preferred design during the order process. Happy Fund raising everybody.

Get Started With An Easter Fundraiser For Your Charity

All price displayed upfront. No Hidden fees. Use the Step-by-step easy to follow Easter tea towel fund-raising order form

How else to use Tea Towels as Promotional Ideas?

Custom printed towels are a perfect item for a whole array of different and creative uses:

  • Bridal Showers
  • Baby Showers
  • Wedding Invitations
  • Birth Announcements
  • Wedding Gifts
  • Corporate Gifts
  • Promotional Items
  • Celebration Keepsakes
  • Mother’s Day Gifts

Create a set of custom tea towels with your own design, such as a favourite family recipe, a logo, an event promotional item or a branded image.

Need Some Help? Send us your ideas, designs or orders via the quote form.

We print and ship Australia wide.

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All price displayed upfront. No Hidden fees. Use the Step-by-step easy to follow school tea towel fund-raising order form

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