Tea Towels as Baby Shower Invitations

Thinking about the Baby Shower you’re organising for your best friend or relative?

Looking for a unique item to invite and thank the guests for coming to this special event?

Something to thank them for coming to celebrate the mother-to-be, in appreciation of the soon-to-be baby?

As a caring host, don’t you want to offer not only tasty food to your guests but also something useful even after the Baby Shower?

If so, we have an original and beautiful idea for you.

If we’ve stirred your curiosity, please read on as we show you what we have to offer.

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Baby Shower Invitation Tea Towel

The birth of a baby is a very special occasion. Each baby is unique, special and loved. An unforgettable occasion that is remembered by many.

Tea Towels as Baby Showers Invitations will also leave a lasting memory to all who attend, as everyone can use a tea towel over time.

When people receive your tea towel as an invitation to the Baby Shower, they will look forward to attending and celebrating the arrival of a loved baby.

Invitations for the baby shower

Tea Towel Printing for Baby Shower Invitations

Our Tea Towels as Baby Showers Invitations are created with very sophisticated high-end print technology.

They are designed and printed 100% in Australia. Cotton, linen or 50/50 cotton/linen are the suitable materials.

They can be designed by our experienced designers or customised to suit your wishes.

After the date, time and address of the Baby Shower, some tea towel decoration ideas you can choose from are:

  • Personalised name of expectant mother
  • Name of baby, if already chosen
  • Baby gender, if known
  • Date when baby is due

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Create Unique Baby Shower Invitations on Tea Towels

Tea Towels as Baby Shower Invitations will give new life to your party, something the guests will find unique and talk about it.

The main features of our products

  • Screen printed or digitally printed, using the latest in modern print technology
  • Made with first-class inks and materials that do not crack
  • Materials are first quality with beautiful print results
  • Long-lasting, as they can be used after the birth of the baby
  • Customised as chosen in regard to design, appearance and colours
  • You can order a sample of the Baby Shower Tea Towels Invitations (conditions apply)
  • Each tea towel measures 70cm x 50cm and it weighs between 80-100g

Benefits of having Tea Towels as Baby Shower Invitations printed by us:

  • The tea towels are excellent quality, durable and fade-resistant.
  • There is the opportunity to have a chosen personalised design to celebrate the arrival of a cherished baby.
  • They are affordable

Grandparents, family and friends will think of the baby every time they use the Baby Shower Tea Towels printed by us. The tea towels are a memento to celebrate the arrival of a precious new life.

So, don’t hesitate to contact us for Tea Towels and Baby Shower Invitations offered by us.

They are the best!!!

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