Tea Towels as “Save The Date” Invitations

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Thinking about organising a special celebration for that upcoming event, but cannot find the perfect invitation card?

We can help you.

We are skilled at printing tea towels as invitations to many events, such as

Now, we are offering you “ Save The Date” Invitation Tea Towels.

It is a different idea because you make the choice! You tell us which event you want to organise.

You may have a specific occasion you want to celebrate, such as:

  • A Birthday
  • A Graduation
  • A Wedding or Wedding Anniversary
  • A Religious event, such as Baptism, Christening, Confirmation, First Communion, or others
  • The opening of a new business
  • The celebration of your business anniversary

Get 50 White Cotton Tea Towels printed and delivered from $8.50 each
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Save the Date Invitation Tea Towels

Any special event is worth remembering and there is no better way to remember than when important information has been written down.

Whether you want to celebrate a personal event or a family member, or for a friend, we are here to assist you.

When your guests receive our Tea Towels as a “Save The Date” Invitation, they will be excited to participate in your special event and to celebrate with you.

They will cherish your precious gift and admire it every time they use it.

Printing ‘Save the Date’ Tea Towel Invitation

Our Tea Towels as ” Save the Date Invitations” are created with very sophisticated high-end print technology.

They are designed and printed 100% in Australia. The most suitable printable materials are cotton, linen or a 50/50 blend of cotton and linen.

Our experienced designers can design them for you or, if you prefer, they can customise them to your wishes.

Get 100 White Cotton Tea Towels printed and delivered from $6.20 each
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After the date, time and address of the special event, various tea towel decoration ideas you can choose from are:

  • Name of event
  • Name of the person whose event you are celebrating
  • Date of birth, if birthday event (however, it would be better to ask their permission first)
  • Name of business, promotional graphics, if business celebration (It will promote the business the cheap way)
  • Your relationship with that person
  • Photo of that person or one of yourself, if personal celebration
  • Words of advice, if celebrating a wedding
  • Words of wisdom, if celebrating an 18th Birthday
  • Sayings, quotes, funny jokes
  • Congratulations words for your graduation
  • Inspirational words
  • A prayer, prints of religious icons or symbols, for a religious event
  • A metaphorical proverb

Create Save the Date Invitations on Tea towels

Tea Towels as Save the Date Invitations will stir curiosity in your guests, as a novel and unique way for an invitation to a special event.

Main Features of our products

  • Made with first-class inks and materials that do not crack
  • Screen printed or digitally printed, using the latest in modern print technology
  • Materials are first quality with attractive print results
  • Long-lasting, as they can be used for a long time in the future
  • Customised as chosen by you, regarding design, appearance and colours
  • Each tea towel measures 70cm x 50cm and weights about 80-100gm
  • You can order a sample of the Save the Date Tea Towel Invitation (conditions apply)

Benefits of having Tea Towels as Save the Date Invitations printed by us:

  • You have the opportunity to have a chosen personalised design to celebrate your special event
  • The tea towels are excellent quality, durable, and fade-resistant
  • They are affordable

You, your family, your friends and your guests will treasure the special memento of your event celebration.

So, contact us and together we will create the best “Save the Date” Tea Towel Invitations.

You will be glad you did!

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