How to Tea Towel Fundraiser for Schools

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Putting together a tea towel fundraiser for your school can be a fun and creative way to raise funds for the P and C or for extra activities for the students.

This creative exercise allows students to express themselves by printing either a self-portrait, hand-print, sketch or signature onto a tea-towel of their choice.

Parents usually go nuts for these items, and buy them in bulk. A set for parents, grandparents etc. The benefit of this type of item is the more you print the more profit the campaign will bring in.

Alternatively, if you want a really simple design option you could use your school logo, a sketch or class lists.

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Ideas for Decorating Your School Tea Towels

Whatever the type of students, in the school, these projects can be fun for them to participate in. All you need is a A5 sheet of paper and a black texta. Then let their creative juices flow free.

  • Pre-school students could each supply a hand print and teachers could add their names below.
  • Grade school students could supply simple “self portraits” (see photograph below).
  • High school students, sports team members etc could provide their signatures, perhaps accompanied by their personal “logos” or favourite quotes.

Particularly effective for pre-schools but also schools in general, these class fundraising tea towels make amazing gifts, with parents tending to order several at a time, which in turn increases the average spend per customer, and allows fundraising goals to be met much quicker and more easily.

These items possess great appeal especially to grandparents, aunts, uncles, and family friends who cherish a tea towel featuring a handprint or hand drawn self portrait of their own clan.

There are 2 main approaches to achieving the desired design finishes.

The less common way is to buy blank tea towels, then have members of your group paint them using fabric paints or fabric dye sticks.

The second option is by far the most lucrative and easiest – have your tea towel (or dish towel) designed by your group members then printed in bulk.

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Yes, I want to do a fundraiser, what now?

Getting Organised

Before you start, get organised and work out all details of your fundraiser:

  • Which products do you want to promote
  • Make an example of what it might look like,
  • Work out how many kids are going to do designs,
  • The campaign dates
  • When do you need the designs by?
  • When do you need to place the order with sufficient lead time?
  • Costing and the fundraising margin and minimum order
  • Goals you want to achieve  (Why are you fundraising?)

Prepare all the materials

Put together the promotional materials you need to get started. This could include the following;

  • Writing a sales letter for the newsletter
  • Preparing posters and advertising materials for the fundraiser
  • Putting together samples and templates to help sell the offer
  • Writing persuasive letters to parents, carers and guardians

Promote the fundraiser

Time to tell everyone about the details and promote the fundraiser

  • Run notices in your newsletter – give plenty of time – maybe do a countdown over a number of weeks – offer discounts for early/or pre-purchases
  • Display the sample in a common area to give everyone a chance to see the size and quality
  • Put up posters with the details of your fundraiser
  • Prepare and distribute your parent order letters

After the promotional period, you need to decide whether to continue with the campaign or cancel it. You might decide to cancel, if you did not get an acceptable minimum order amount. Let’s image that you did get enough orders.

Preparing the Artwork

Organise the children who are going to submit their drawings or prints and some blank A4 paper cut in half. A5

Earlier, we described what type of artwork to provide. The three most popular types of artwork are;

  • Hand prints
  • Self portraits
  • Photos

So you can decide which type the class with be completing.

  1. Handprints – to get the best results with handprints do not dip hands in the paint this creates too much smudging ( and it very messy) use a roller or Dap the paint on the hand with a sponge before pressing on to the paper
  2. Self portrait – Designs can be done using black texters, or crayons. Have the child
  3. Draw a picture of themselves
  4. Photos – children could take a photo in class or they could bring in their own photos
  5. Individual prints – I the child is doing an individual print. haven’t do it on an A4 piece of paper using any kind of colour paint/ crayon. As we can now do full colour individual prints

Make sure each child put their name on their artwork. Ideally, their names and class written at the bottom or under drawing.

Collect all the drawings, logo, artwork

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