What Can You Do With Old Tea Towels?

Tea towels can be reused for a variety of different tasks around the house. If you’re like most people, you probably have a few old tea towels lying around. But what can you do with them?

Here are some ideas for what you can do with old tea towels.

Freeze To Use As Ice Packs

Use your old tea towels as a substitute for ice packs. If you’re looking for an alternative to using plastic bags or other disposable products, try using tea towels.

This can be particularly good if you have children who often need ice packs and bandages, since they may not feel as much pain when using them.

Use In Place Of Paper Towels

You can also use tea towels in place of paper towels as they are effective clean-up cloths, sponges and more.

A common use for them is to place them in the bottom of potted plants. They can also be used as dishrags or floor rags when cleaning your home.

Clean Household Kitchen Utensils

Tea towels are made to absorb water, making them great for drying dishes after they come out of the dishwasher or holding kitchen utensils.

Just put your favourite kitchen utensil in the centre of a tea towel, fold it up into an envelope shape, and then secure it with a rubber band or twine.

Wipe down your counters and the utensils will be clean when you remove them from the towel.

Makeup Cloths

Don’t use paper towels to remove your makeup! They’ll leave bits of lint on your face and in your eyes, which isn’t very comfortable or pleasant.

Instead, dry off your face with an old or new tea towel that you don’t mind staining. The brown will come out in the wash, so it’s okay if your towel turns a light grey or darker.

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Clean Windows And Mirrors

You can use an old tea towel to clean you windows and mirrors. Just dampen an old tea towel with water and wipe down any glass surfaces in your home for bright, streak-free windows.

You will find that the tea towel will help to remove those pesky fingerprints without smearing them all over your glass.

If you don’t have success, place a couple of drops of dishwashing liquid onto the tea towel and wipe away as usual.

Hand Towel For The Powder Room

Go to your sewing machine and sew up about three sides of an old tea towel, leaving one side open so it’s like making a pillowcase for the towel.

Then just pop in a new hand or bath towel, thread on some ribbon or rope that matches your bathroom decor, and tie it onto the towel rod.

Clean Up Old Tea Towels

If your tea towel has a spill on it, just put the stained area over the sink and pour boiling water over it to get rid of stains.

If you don’t have any stains but want to freshen your tea towels, simply put them through one cycle in the washing machine with a cup of white vinegar.

Make A Pot Holder

To make a pot holder, simply double over your old tea towel and sew up two of the open sides for extra insulation.

Sew Up A Pillowcase

Use an old tea towel to make a simple little pillowcase. Just cut off the hem of an old pillowcase and turn it inside out.

Then sew it back together with the end open. You can use this as a decorative storage bag or to store toys in your living room. It’s super easy to make and looks cute in any room.

Make An Oven Mitt

An old tea towel made a great oven mitt. An oven mitt is pretty easily to make by anyone.

Cut the towel in half on the diagonal to make two rectangles. Then hem all 4 sides of each rectangle. One way is to fold over 1cm of fabric twice and stitch it down (either by hand or by machine)

Another is to iron the hem down flat and then stitch it. You can either leave the tea towel natural or paint on a design or if you want to get fancy you can add some appliqués. It’s easy!

Then put one rectangle through each oven mitt so that they are both inside out.

Sew your oven mitts together with a simple stitch around where the tea towel meets.

Make sure you leave an opening at the top of one side to fit your hand through, or else it will be very difficult to get on!

Peel off each inside-out rectangle, turn them the right way around, and they are ready to use!

Tablecloth Or Placemat

Use old tea towels and recycle them as a makeshift tablecloth or placemat. Do this by converting old tea towels into a tablecloth or placemat by sewing, quilting or crocheting the cloths.

Use an old tea towel and cut it to size for either a tablecloth or placemat. Fold under the edges and iron them flat. Sew around all four sides of the cloth.


That is all the suggestion we have for reusing old towels for various purposes in the home, such as using them as pot holders or making an oven mitt which can save money and reduce waste.

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