Marketing Your School Fund Raiser

Now it’s time to start marketing your school fundraiser. You can easily do this by contacting parents and the family members of each child participating in the fundraiser.

Run notices in your school newsletter. Maybe do a countdown over a number of weeks. Offer discounts for early or pre-purchases

Display the sample in a common area so everyone will have a chance to see the size and quality

Put up posters with the details of your fundraiser, and prepare and distribute parent order letters

After the promotional period, you will need to decide whether to continue with the campaign or cancel it.

You might decide to cancel if you did not get an acceptable minimum order number.

(While we don’t have a minimum for digital printing. The minimum viable order quantity is 30 for 1 colour screen printing fundraising order.)

Form Letter To Send Home To Parents

Dear parents and guardians

As part of our fundraising effort for this term, the Parents and Teachers Association is running a group tea towel project to help raise funds for our school.

The unique detailed design will be made up of individual [portraits/handprints] created by all our children and staff

The children’s pictures and names will be arranged together as a commemorative design for the whole group and then screen printed in ( one colour ) onto high-quality white tea towels.

Order Form To Send Home To Parents

Dear Parents & Guardians,

[Yourname] Public School is holding a Tea Towel fundraiser.

The children have the opportunity to draw a design on a tea towel in groups and help raise funds for our school. The tea towels are made from 100% [white 100% cotton / white 50%cotton 50% Linen] (50cm x 70cm) and are fully washable.

These would make a great gift for Christmas, Birthdays, Mother’s Day, Aunties, Grandparents & friends.

There is also a price saving on multiple orders.

1. 1 x Tea towel for $15.ea
2. 2 x Tea towels for $25.

To order simply fill in the order sheet and place it in an envelope with your cash/cheque with the child’s name and class.

Order sheet
Child’s name______________________________


Tea Towel  

Artwork Limit Per Product

  • Tea towels – up to 400 drawings (40cm x 60cm)
  • Aprons – up to 250 drawings (28cm W x 40cm H)
  • Tote Bags – up to 125 drawings (28cm x 28cm)

When you know ‘how many you are doing‘ and have ‘collected all the students designs‘. You are ready to place your order.

Use one of our speciality order forms

Start An End-of-Class Fundraising Tea Towel

All price displayed upfront. No Hidden fees. Use the Step-by-step easy to follow school tea towel fund-raising order form

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