Tea Towel Belly Bands for Retail Display

Belly Bands are made of cardboard and are wrapped around the printed tea towel for display in a retail setting.

We offer both services – print and apply.

What’s Involved With Belly Bands?

Print, Crease and Glue

We print the belly bands from your supplied artwork.

  • Printed Creased and Glued Belly Bands are $1.00 each + GST

Folding Tea Towels and Inserting Belly Bands

We fold the tea towel and apply the belly bands beautifully presented for retail sales

  • The price for folding and inserting into Belly Bands is $0.50 each + GST

Belly Bands for Tea Towels are a great way to display and sell your tea towels. They are a great way to show off the design of your tea towels, and they also make it easy for customers to purchase them.

Belly Bands can be attached to a folded tea towel, so the tea towel can be presented attractively for retail stores.

The best place to sell your Tea Towels is at a market or a fair, where people can see them and purchase them easily. You can also sell them online, through your website or through an online retailer.

If you are selling your tea towels at a market or fair, it is important to have a good display. Belly Bands for Tea Towels look beautiful on a display rack.

If you are selling them online, you can use photos of your tea towels to show off the design, and you can also provide a link to purchase them.

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