How Many Drawings Can You Fit On a Tea Towel Fundraiser?

Cute preschool children painting with their palms at kindergarten being creative for their school tea towel fundraiser

When considering a tea towel fundraiser, how many student designs can you fit on a tea towel?

  • Tea towels with 30-60 kids drawing look the best and are not too overcrowded.
end of call fundraiser

Technically, you many as you want. The only problem with 300-400 designs is how big each design needs to be to fit the finished product.

The more designs there are, the smaller each one needs to be to fit within the 35cmx55cm allotted space on the tea towel.

We understand that some grades can have 3-4 classes, however, we don’t recommend more than 100 designs per tea towel as it can look very crowded.

We call them Class fundraisers as 30-60 images look the best. Not the whole School fundraisers as 400 drawings do not look that good.

Another point to consider is the additional artwork fees. Included with any package you order up to 60 students and the artwork is included.

We do charge an additional $60.00 per/60 students to process any additional designs.

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