Tea Towel Belly Bands for Retail

Belly Bands are a made of cardboard and are wrapped around the printed tea towel for display in a retail setting. We offer both services – print and apply. What’s Involved With Belly Bands? Print, Crease and Glue We print the belly bands from your supplied artwork. Printed Creased and Glued Belly Bands are $1.00 … Read more

Can I Get Samples of your Tea Towels?

Yes, blank samples are available by request through our contact form. We do offer free samples however you do need to return them to us to get your money back. Sample price for any style of un-printred tea towels is $5.00ea + GST. (+$9.00+GST postage) Ordering a blank sample will mean you get the most … Read more

Screen Printing Tea Towels: What You Need To Know?

Screen printing is an excellent way to get your logo or design onto an piece of fabric – especially a tea towel.

This printing technique allows you to apply colour to the fabric in any shape that you desire. You can also add more colour by adding more colour layers to the design.

In the industry we call these layers “screens”. Each colour will have its own screen. If you’re asked by a screen printing company – “how many colours in the design?”- you will know why.

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Print Tea Towels: You Design It – We Print Tea Towels – Tea Towel Printer in Australia

We print tea towels and have found innovative ways of printing custom designs. We print on towels made from either 100% cotton fabric or 50/cotton and 50% Linen or 100% Linen Introducing Tea Towel Draw. Tea Towel Printers of Australia. We print with every method and offer all printing services. No Minimum Print Tea Towel … Read more

DTG Digital Printing on Tea Towels Australia

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Print with full colour like this..

Tea towels are a versatile and convenient way to clean up spills and stains.

They’re also an inexpensive way to add style and colour to your kitchen or bathroom decor.

But what if you want more than just a plain, white towel?

What if you want something that matches the theme of your kitchen or is personalised with images from your favourite TV show?

That’s where DTG printing comes in. You can easily get DTG digital printing on tea towels right from your computer!

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Raise More Money with Tea Towel Mementos

fundraising mementos

A tea towel is a functional item that can be decorated with a design. Making it infinitely appealing to a large group of like minded people.

This means opportunity for the smart marketer looking to generate some cash for a good cause.

Functionality and appeal are the basic building blocks for a good fundraiser. And tea towels have them in spades.

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Tea Towel Fundraising for Churches

Tea towel fund raising for church groups
church fundraiser

Tea-Towel printing for your church group is fairly straight forward as a fundraising technique. Coming up with a suitable print idea might not be as difficult as it seems.

We suggest forming a committee and brainstorming some ideas. The bible is full of beautiful quotes that can be adorned onto a tea towel.

Once printed, selling these items is pretty simple too. The church congregation, together with people visiting the church, represent an ideal target market.

They are ready to get involved and contribute towards raising money to support either the community or the church.

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